About Our Team

Joseph A. Laronge, J.D. is the founder of LogicǁGuaranteed. He serves as a Principal Logical Reasoning Consultant, Logical Reasoning Instructor and Coach, and Research Scientist in real-world Logical Inference and Argument Theory. He pioneered the design, development, and real-world testing in trial and appellate courts of a new unique model and method of natural language inferential reasoning (i.e., making better logical arguments). The scholarly argument theory name is “Defeasible Class-Inclusion Transitivity (DCIT)” But, we just call it the Logic-Bridge.

As a short summary, this innovative method of constructing logical arguments has been peer-reviewed in Oxford Journal articles, written by Joseph, that describe its theoretical soundness, robustness, rigor, and universal applicability to all real-world domains where the process of constructing and deconstructing logical arguments is vital (e.g., business, education, policymaking, medicine, science, technology, finance, government, and law). All forms of natural language inferential reasoning (e.g., deduction, induction, abduction, argument schemes, and formal and informal logic) can be accommodated into the universal Logic-Bridge logical inference model.

Joseph successfully tested the power and effectiveness of the Logic-Bridge method in persuading judges in his role as a Senior Assistant Attorney General for the Oregon Department of Justice. As both a trial and appellate attorney, he successfully advanced his complex factual and legal arguments and those of his expert witnesses (e.g., market value appraisers, financial theorists and consultants, economists, and statisticians), and discredited through argument deconstruction those of the opposing counsel and their expert witnesses before the Oregon Tax Court and the Oregon Supreme Court. The opposing parties were typically airlines (e.g., Delta Airlines), railroads (e.g., Union Pacific Railroad), utilities, and major industrial properties (e.g., semi-conductor plants) accompanied by their cadre of top expert witnesses.

During this time, he was an Adjunct Law Professor, teaching “Legal Research & Writing” at Willamette University Law School and “Advanced Factual Argumentation” using conventional argument mapping software at Lewis & Clark Law School. He also taught critical reasoning skills to students in graduate Criminal Justice programs. These teaching experiences were an incredible laboratory to observe the struggles that students experience in learning to easily construct real-world complex logical arguments. He found that the problems were not in the students’ abilities or knowledge, but rather in the deficiencies in (1) the conventional forms of logical inference to realistically capture complex real-world arguments in a user-friendly, rigorous, and robust manner and (2) the related typical teaching methods used to teach conventional reasoning including conventional argument mapping. Designing the Logic-Bridge argument model and method was the solution.

Joseph was previously associated with Austhink (now called van Gelder & Monk). Austhink was “a critical thinking, research, training and consulting group, associated with the University of Melbourne, specializing in complex reasoning and argumentation through the process of argument mapping for government agencies, law firms and leading businesses.specialists in the use of visual deliberation to improve critical thinking in organizations.”

Joseph also has business experience that helps him understand business realities. He was President of a real estate estate firm that did commercial, residential, and investment sales, and office building and shopping center property management. He also co-founded a non-profit, tax-exempt school for children with autism that was affiliated with the UNC School of Medicine/TEACCH Autism Program. And he worked with business executives training them in the Dale Carnegie approach to Effective Speaking and Human Relations.”

Please contact him at logicguaranteed@gmail.com.