a logical reasoning training, coaching, consulting, product development, and research group

Our Mission is to empower people to reason better and make clear and compelling logical arguments. We pursue this Mission through Logical Reasoning Training, Coaching, Consulting, Product Development, and Argument Theory Research.

Logical Reasoning Training

Our unique logical reasoning training has many advantages over typical methods such as lectures, typical exercises, and even conventional argument mapping practice. For example, our training provides a simple argument template that makes it easy to just fill in the blanks to construct fail-safe, user-friendly, robust, rigorous, and clear logical arguments.

The core of our training is practicing constructing arguments with a Logic-Bridge game board in which teams collaborate in constructing and deconstructing logical arguments that pertain to their particular area of interest. The Logic-Bridge game board uses an embodied visual language (i.e., building bridges) that provides a body felt-sense understanding of sound argument construction and the concepts of probative weight, relevancy, and degrees of certainty as to the truth of the conclusion. The resulting reasoning competency can enable the student to handle any complexity of logical reasoning with multiple levels of inference, inference-upon-inference, linked and convergent lines of reasoning, any type of objection, and necessary and ancillary assumptions. Surprisingly, no previous level of logical reasoning ability is required. And it works just as well for elementary school students as it does for PhD graduates.

Logical Reasoning Coaching

One-on-one coaching provides the fastest path to mastery of logical reasoning. We can quickly spot obstacles in the student’s approach or understanding and provide easy solutions. Our coaching approach is positive, encouraging, kind, and joyful. We emphasize the student’s strengths and comfortably support their areas of needed growth. The coaching can be broad in scope or focused on a particular challenge such as passing the GRE Analytical Task section or other upcoming test. And the student can be in elementary school, middle school, high school, undergraduate school, graduate school, or Post-Doc PhD programs.

Logical Reasoning Consulting

Our consulting practice typically focuses on improving the logical reasoning that underlies a particular project. Our in-depth inferential analysis reveals the strengths and weakness of the arguments, provides solutions, and transforms the actual text narrative to make the arguments most compelling. The subject matter can be a corporate proposal or report, expert witness report, PhD dissertation, policymaking analysis, scientific report or analysis, legal factual argument such as demonstrating argument relevancy (no legal advise is provided), or any other project where clear logical real-world thinking is needed.

Logical Reasoning Research

We continue to explore a number of areas of interest. One area that we are pursuing is how the use of the Logic-Bridge (Defeasible Class-Inclusion Transitivity) can help train AI (artificial intelligence) through Deep Learning data sets to dramatically increase its natural language reasoning abilities as part of the development of AGI (artificial general intelligence).


Please feel free to contact the Team at logicguaranteed@gmail.com.

We welcome all inquiries and love to communicate with people about how we might help them. Often a short email can answer your question. Other times, we set up a telephone call or video conference to talk more deeply about what you are needing. There is no charge for our initial contact. We want you to feel free to explore how we might help you.